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Material & Air Handling Equipment

Rees-Memphis supplies Material & Air Handling Equipment for industrial air systems and waste management. Our air handling equipment includes cyclone separators, industrial filters, dust collectors, blowers & fans, rotary airlocks & feeders, storage bins & unloaders, mechanical conveyors, grinders & hogs, balers & shredders, and fire protection equipment. Whether incorporated into a complete turn-key system or individually engineered, our material & air handling equipment is sized and manufactured to meet the customer’s needs. REES provides service and parts for all air handling systems, including preventative maintenance, on-site repair, and equipment rebuilds.

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Cyclone Separators

Cyclone SeparatorsThe REES Cyclone is a centrifugal separator for heavier dust particles and waste. The Models K, KL, and RHV cyclones combine quality construction with proven design to provide maximum durability and efficiency. Cyclones may also be custom designed for special applications.
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Industrial Filters

Industrial FiltersRees-Memphis provides industrial filters by top manufacturers that include a wide variety of bag and cartridge types. The type of filter media used depends on the specific characteristics of the collected particulate, and cleaning is by manual shaking, reverse-air, or pulse-jet.
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Dust Collection Systems

Dust Collection SystemsREES manufactures the Model C and CX Dust Collectors for inside shop and plant use ranging from 700 to 9000 CFM. Rees-Memphis also offers top of the line small to mid-range dust collectors including in-plant bag collectors, unitary filter units, and cyclones with after-filters.
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Blowers & Fans

Blowers & FansRees-Memphis manufacturers the dependable, heavy-duty Model M Material Handling Fan. REES also provides a variety of blowers and fans from top manufacturers specifically designed for each application and customized to handle particular material and air handling needs.
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Rotary Airlocks & Feeders

Rotary Airlocks & FeedersREES Model RVC Rotary Airlocks are used in low pressure, dry waste dust collection systems at gravity-fed discharges of cyclones and filters. We also provide other types of airlocks for specific applications or feeders for volumetric metering of product from storage bins and hoppers.
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Storage Bins & Unloaders

Storage Bins & UnloadersRees-Memphis custom designs, manufactures, and provides a variety of storage options including “clamshell” modular storage bins, rectangular bins, and round vertical storage bins. Various types of unloaders are used to empty waste from bins for transport or another process.
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Mechanical Conveyors

Mechanical ConveyorsREES provides mechanical conveyors to transport dust and product material when pneumatic conveying systems are not practical. Screw Conveyors, augers, belt conveyors, and drag conveyors can effectively move bulk materials from one point to another.
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Grinders & Hogs

Grinders & HogsRees-Memphis supplies a variety of heavy duty grinders and hogs for any application where material reduction is needed. We offer a wide variety of models, sizes, and configurations, and options for gravity or horizontal in-feed.
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Balers & Shredders

Balers & ShreddersRees-Memphis offers high quality balers designed to reduce the volume of scrap waste and prepare it for recycling. REES also offers shredders as an effective way to process scrap from all types of paper products by decreasing handling time and increasing bale density.
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Fire Protection Equipment

Fire Protection EquipmentRees Memphis offers spark detection and extinguishing systems which are used to reduce the risk of fire and explosions in air systems and dust collection equipment. Other fire protection equipment includes high speed abort gates, explosion relief doors, and back-draft dampers.
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