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Balers & Shredders

Rees-Memphis offers quality balers, shredders, and trim cutters for the paper industry to reduce scrap waste and prepare it for recycling. Scrap materials from manufacturers of corrugated, paper, folding carton, commercial printing, flexible and paper packaging, foil processing, paperboard, and paper fiber are cut, shredded, collected, compacted and baled using this equipment.

REES provides scrap handling equipment supplied by quality manufacturers such as:

  • Balemaster
  • BloApCo
  • American Baler
  • Maren
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Balers - Scrap fed by air conveyorsUsing a Baler is the most cost efficient way to reduce the volume of scrap waste and prepare it for recycling.  REES provides balers to handle a variety of scrap materials while ensuring that bale production and bale density are optimized, providing a lower total cost per bale and an increase in return on investment. Balers use an automated operation where scrap is fed by air conveying systems.  With baling capacities up to 3000 lbs., most processes can run unattended using an automatic wire tier to bundle bales.


Shredders - Well equipped dfor effective shredding performance Shredding is an effective way to handle scrap from all types of paper products and other bulky materials.  Through waste reduction methods using horizontal or top feed shredders, manufacturers can decrease handling time and increase scrap bale density, resulting in overall cost saving efficiency.  REES provides slow speed shredders, high production hoggers, floor sweep shredders and high volume shredders processing up to 20 tons per hour. 

Trim Cutters

Trim Cutters are used to remove the edge trim from production lines by cutting continuous scrap material into smaller pieces.  This enables the air conveying systems to operate more efficiently by eliminating blockages in the duct and preventing scrap from wrapping around the fan wheel.  Rees-Memphis offers energy efficient trim cutters designed to increase production time and save money.