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Industrial Filters

Rees-Memphis - Industrial Air Filters Rees-Memphis provides a variety of industrial filters for handling dust, scrap waste, or product in all types of manufacturing or air conveying processes.  From fine process dust to heavier bulk materials, industrial filters separate the waste or product, returning clean air to the manufacturing area or to the atmosphere. 

REES has specified, sold and installed top of the line industrial filters including MAC, Airlanco, Pneumafil, MikroPul, Torit, Farr, DCE, Steelcraft, Dantherm, American Air Filter, Aget, and many others.

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Design Specifications

Ashley Furniture - Air FilterCritical to industrial air system design is specifying a filter that will effectively clean the process air and handle the separated particulate. Our project designers first consider some of the characteristics of the particulate or product being conveyed including:
  • Physical characteristics
  • Material density (lbs./cub. ft.)
  • Volume flow rate (lbs./hour)
With this information we then turn to the filter and decide on the type of dust collector equipment that will be best suited for the application. Design options include:
  • Filter style - round or rectangular
  • Filter media - filter bags, pleated bags or filter cartridges
  • Cleaning method - reverse-air fan, pulse-jet or mechanical shaker
  • Inlet style - high entry or low entry, straight inlet, tangential or involute
  • Waste storage - airlock, auger, hopper
After analysis of the dust and determination of the type of filter, we then calculate the air requirements including the air volume (CFM) and static pressure (inches w.c.). We can then specify the size of the filter by determining the air to cloth ratio.

Equipment Options

Industrial Air FiltersRees-Memphis offers a variety of ancillary equipment for the filter depending on the customer’s needs and system application. Options include:
  • Maintenance access platforms
  • OSHA approved caged ladders
  • Inlet and discharge transitions
  • Inlet baffles and abrasive liners
  • Carbon steel or stainless
  • All-welded or flanged construction
  • Fan packages
  • Rotary airlocks and screw feeders
  • Custom structural steel supports
  • Spark detection and extinguishing systems
  • Explosion relief panels and suppression
REES also offers maintenance service and parts for all filters including filter bag and cage replacement, fire restoration projects, abrasion modifications, and cleaning system parts.