Air System Components

Welded, Lockseamed and Spiral Pipe

Welded, Lockseamed and Spiral Pipe3″ dia to 52″ dia, 22 ga to 14 ga
Galvanized or hot rolled

Flexible Rubber and Metal Pipe

Flexible Rubber and Metal PipeFor moving machine connections
and easy access at hoods
2″ dia to 18″ dia

Welded and One-Piece Elbows

Welded and One-Piece Elbows3″ dia to 52″ dia, 20 ga to 14 ga
15º, 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º
Galvanized or hot rolled

Half and Full Circle Cut-Offs

Half and Full Circle Cut-OffsFor regulating air flow at machines
Cast aluminum housing
Galvanized steel gate
3″ dia to 24″ dia

Flat Back Elbows

Flat Back ElbowsFor extreme abrasive applications
4″ dia to 24″ dia
14 and 12 ga hot rolled
3/16″ or 1/4″ removable back plate

Hanger Bands

Hanger BandsFor hanging and stabilizing pipe
3″ dia to 52″ dia
Galvanized or hot rolled

Branch Fittings

Branch Fittings

Wyes, lateral tees, saddle tees,
and pipe tees
30º and 45º, 20 ga to 14 ga
Galvanized or hot rolled

Angle Rings

Angle RingsFor connecting pipe, elbows,
and fittings
3″ dia to 52″ dia
Hot rolled angle iron

Transitions and Reducers

Transitions and ReducersFor fan outlets and pipe diameter
3″ dia to 52″ dia, 20 ga to 14 ga
Galvanized or hot rolled


DrawbandsFor fan inlet connections and
maintenance access
6″ dia to 38″ dia
20 ga to 16 ga galvanized

Slip Joints

Slip JointsFor easy access to machines
4″ dia to 12″ dia
20 ga galvanized

Cleanout Doors

Cleanout DoorsFor easy access to inside of pipe
4″ dia to 21″ dia
20 ga to 16 ga galvanized

Switch Valves

Switch ValvesFor changing air flow direction
4″ dia to 24″ dia
12 and 10 ga hot rolled
Manual, electric, or air operated

Pipe Couplers

Pipe CouplersFor connecting pipe and fittings
3″ dia to 14″ dia
20 ga galvanized

Floor Sweeps

Floor SweepsFor cleaning waste around
4″ dia and 6″ dia
16 ga hot rolled

Ball Joints

Ball JointsFor swivel pipe connections
3″ to 10″ spun galvanized steel

Additional sizes and other materials are available by customer request.

Other available air system components are machine hoods, duct silencers, end caps, roof jacks, umbrellas, wall flanges, exhaust stacks and weather caps.

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