Cyclone Separators

Standard REES Cyclones

Cyclone KModel K

The REES Model K cyclone is used in applications where larger particles exist like chips or shavings. Also the Model K is used where height restrictions pose a problem.

Model KL

The REES Model KL cyclone is similar to the Model K but with a longer cone section.  It is used where more efficiency is needed for mixtures of finer particles.

Model RHV

The REES Model RHV cyclone is used in applications involving higher velocities, finer dust particles, or more abrasive materials. The RHV has bolted sections with a tangential scroll inlet and a horizontal outlet.

Cyclone Options


Rain Elbow

Bolts to top of cyclone providing the most efficient way to vent air to the atmosphere.

Closed Loop CapClosed Loop Cap

Enables air discharge to connect to a closed-loop relay system or draw-through clean air fan.

Reverse Cone Rain Cap

Offers most economical solution for covering air outlet.

Multiple Inlets with Backdraft Dampers

For multiple system entry and protection from dust-laden air returning back to the plant through the ductwork.

Cleanout DoorCleanout Door

Provides access to lower cone section for inspection and maintenance.

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