Dust Collection Systems

REES offers fully designed, fabricated, and installed dust collection systems. Using low-pressure fans, filters, cyclones, and airlocks along with all structural supports and piping materials, REES provides a total solution to the customer’s dust collection needs.

Our approach is to do a thorough job on the front end to ask the right questions, obtain the right information, and listen to the customer’s goals.  Good planning is essential for a successful project.

From concept to completion, REES strives to exceed expectations through every step of the process.

Our Process


Assess dust characteristics; locate machines; determine dust collector location; determine dust storage location; develop a floor plan; determine waste volume rates.


Determine conveying velocity and CFM requirements; design piping layout; determine type and size of dust collector and fan; calculate static pressure; design transfer system.


Develop a proposal including overall system design, equipment specifications, piping layout, and customer provided materials.


Submit orders for equipment; develop shop drawings; fabricate dust collector, pipe, fittings, structural supports, ladders and platforms; assemble equipment.


Help customer with electrical & concrete requirements; schedule shipment of materials; schedule field work based on customer’s schedule; arrange for installation equipment (cranes, manlifts, etc)


Follow up with system installation checklist; confirm that the system is operating properly; customer’s satisfaction; future opportunities.

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